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GoogleApps_July10_CGoogle is a company that’s good at raising the eyebrows of users and critics alike. Recently, they hosted their annual I/O conference, where Google’s many divisions get together and introduce new products and services. This year they made some interesting announcements that have fans drooling, while leaving competitors looking a little less so.

Across the conference, Google had three major announcements:

  1. A Nexus Tablet. As most Android users know, Nexus is Google’s line of mobile devices, they’re what Google thinks of as the benchmark Android system. This year the big announcement was a USD $200, 7 inch tablet, the Nexus 7. With a superfast 1.3 Ghz processor, 1GB of RAM and up to 16GB of storage all in a thin – 10.45mm – body, this tablet gives the iPad a serious run for its money. At half the price of the cheapest iPad, it’s more affordable for nearly all small businesses.
  2. Jelly Bean. Google likes to give sweet – literally – code names to different versions of the Android operating system. The newest version, 4.1 Jelly Bean, has some great new features including the ability to use voice to search, a new location based feature that keeps you updated about what’s going on around you, and a faster interface. 4.0 users should see the update in the near future.
  3. Google Glass. Announced a few months ago, Google officially introduced their take on augmented reality, Google Glass, a hybrid mobile device/eyeglasses system. Users wear them as they would any other pair of glasses and interact with their environment through the system. They can record their daily lives, look up addresses and maps, etc. This disruptive technology could change the way businesses interact with customers.

Google has announced some intriguing devices and updates that could help improve the way small businesses operate. The most intriguing device is the Nexus 7 tablet, which could prove to be the best tablet solution for small businesses. If you’d like to learn more about Google’s I/O or any of Google’s other services, please contact us.

Published on 10th July 2012 by Jeanne DeWitt.


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