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We’ve all had days where it’s not feasible to make it into the office. Whether it’s an unexpected family emergency, illness, or bad weather, sometimes we have to call in and take a sick day. Aside from not getting work done and potentially missing deadlines, taking a sick day means the employee who wasn’t able to make it might miss out on important information they need in the future. That’s why staying in touch with the office, even when you’re not there, is so vital.

Imagine if your staff members could easily work from home when needed… CPU, Inc makes that dream a reality with a cloud solution roadmap developed specifically for you. Gone are the days of absent employees! Call (419) 872-9119 or email us at to find out more about our cloud solutions.

For the average employee, calling in sick happens more often than not because they can’t physically be at their desk, not necessarily because they’re too sick to be productive. Over the past few years, the cloud has allowed people to work from home when they’re unable to make it into the office. How so? The cloud lets you access, share, and store data through the Internet as opposed to on your computer’s hard drive, which means you’re able to:

  • Communicate with greater ease: Communication is possible through email, voice, and even face-to-face with a few clicks – allowing you to share and collaborate with colleagues at any time to get the job done.
  • Stay productive from wherever, whenever: Productivity increases significantly when employees can access their workstations, with all of their applications and data, from any device or location as long as they’re connected to the Internet.
  • Maintain consistency regardless of location: Consistency in terms of the level and quality of work performed remains the same, whether employees are at home, in the office, or on vacation.
  • Easily scale up or down as needed: Scalability is guaranteed when you’re using the cloud. You’re only paying for what you need and it’s easy to use more or less, add new employees, and more.

Plus, when employees know they’re able to work from home when they really are sick, they stay home instead of infecting others in the office. Did you know it’s estimated that sickness-related absences cost the average employer $1.5K per employee, per year? That’s a lot of money wasted because people feel pressured or obligated to come to work, even when they’re not feeling well.

The Cloud: Helping You Achieve a More Collaborative Workforce In AND Out of the Office…

We live in the digital age, and it’s truly a time of evolution as technology continues to advance at a rapid rate. While we haven’t quite achieved the paperless office entirely, our work lives have changed dramatically to be more collaborative, more global, and more efficient than ever before. The cloud has changed the way we work – allowing us to achieve a more collaborative workforce in and out of the office.

Aside from the obvious benefits listed above, there are a few important benefits associated with allowing your staff to leverage the cloud from home:

  • Higher employee job satisfaction: When employees can work from home, they feel a sense of work/life balance that keeps them satisfied and feeling in control of their lives. Plus, they’re content knowing their employer feels they’re competent and trustworthy enough to get work done outside of the office.
  • Reduced employee turnover rate: When employees are more satisfied with their jobs, you’re able to significantly reduce turnover rate, which saves you tons of money as the average cost of losing a valued employee is between $10 and $30k of direct and indirect costs.
  • Greater disaster recovery capabilities: If a disaster occurs, whether it’s a bad storm or an accidental file deletion, you’re able to recover all of your important data and applications anywhere, anytime in a moment’s notice, so you can keep working seamlessly.

Life can be unpredictable. Account for that unpredictability by moving to the cloud – ensuring work can be done anytime, anywhere as long as there’s an Internet connection!

Cloud computing does more than simply make working from home a possibility, cloud computing makes working from home profitable, too! Employees are more efficient, productive, and willing to work longer hours. You can move a wide variety of technologies to the cloud for greater accessibility:

  • Phone systems
  • Email
  • File sharing solutions
  • Document management solutions
  • And much more

As an added bonus, you won’t need to have a fully staffed IT department once you’ve moved to the cloud. Your cloud provider will be able to manage everything for you – allowing you to scale down your IT department while freeing up any existing internal resources to focus on more important technology-related projects.

Who is CPU, Inc.?

CPU, Inc. started in 1986 as a software development company in Ohio and Michigan. Since then, we’ve moved our focus to the cloud because we know cloud computing is the future of business technology. We’ve maintained our position as a leader in the cloud services space for over 30 years with the best and brightest technologists working on our side.

Call us at (419) 872-9119 or send us an email at to say goodbye to the days of absent employees.

Published on 28th January 2018 by Jeanne DeWitt.

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