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Cloud services technology can keep your business data secure and productive even during the most severe disaster. When disaster strikes, you want your organization in the hands of an IT professional that specializes in business continuity services to keep your operations running smoothly before, during and in a post-disaster environment.

Business Continuity Services

CPU, Inc. is your local Toledo, Ohio IT service provider. We offer comprehensive business IT consulting in Ohio and expert IT consulting in Toledo and the surrounding areas. Our business continuity plans help keep your business’s critical functions on point during a data breach, natural disaster or other major service interruption. When you choose a business continuity plan with CPU, Inc., you get the best backup, security and disaster recovery services available in the local IT consulting Toledo, Ohio area.

We Specialize in Local and Cloud Backup Services

Running a business has its share of everyday challenges. When it comes to technology, frustrations are often compounded without the right data contingency plan in place. CPU, Inc.’s backup and disaster recovery services provide you with the peace of mind that when files are accidentally deleted or a data disaster occurs, your business IT systems can be restored quickly, easily and with limited downtime. Our data centers use industry-leading backup software to store data locally and via the cloud in our centralized backup location, allowing for fast, efficient restoration of your IT systems and data.

Security Features Your Business Shouldn’t Be Without

CPU, Inc. offers top-of-the-line backup software with the ultimate in security, flexibility and ease of use. Features include unlimited versioning, automatic scheduled backups, 256-bit encryption, off-site replication and concurrent backups.

When your business is your life, you never want to think about the potential for a catastrophic loss or disaster. But the fact is that you can mitigate the stress and loss your business might experience during a catastrophe proper planning. Your recovery time can be drastically minimized by our VMWare and Hyper-V services, which get you back online and running at full capacity in no time.

With CPU, Inc. and our expert business continuity professionals at your service, you will be back online in seconds rather than days. A faster response time directly translates to better service for your customers and a positive bottom line for your business.

CPU, Inc. offers four different levels of backup and business continuity support:

  • Level I Cloud Backup: Back up your valuable files and business data with quick retrieval turnaround and low up-front costs.
  • Level II Cloud Backup: Your business data is secured and accessible 24/7, with comprehensive backup of SQL and Exchange server data.
  • Disaster Recovery: At CPU, Inc., we collaborate with your team to determine the best course of action for your backup needs using local and cloud-based technology. Our ultimate goal in disaster recovery is that you have full access to your business data and operations quickly and completely following a disaster.
  • Business Continuity: In as little as 15 minutes, our business continuity services bring you back online, so you can continue business-as-usual following a catastrophic data loss. Our specialized, strategic recovery plans and IT consulting in Toledo, Ohio keep local businesses streamlined and running smoothly in any environment.

CPU, Inc is your comprehensive IT business continuity provider. When it comes to security and backup innovation and service, we stay at the forefront of the latest technology developments. Reach out to us at (419) 872-9119 or send us an email at for more information.

Published on 5th June 2016 by Jeanne DeWitt.


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