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It is not at all unusual for many companies, particularly startups and small- or medium-sized firms, to outsource their CIO. Companies that do have taken a huge step in IT managed services as they enjoy all the benefits they would have with an in-house CIO at a much-reduced expense. When companies use an outside service as its CIO, they have brought on a virtual chief information officer, also known as a vCIO.

What Does a vCIO Do?

The job performed by a vCIO is not much different from that performed by an employed CIO. The vCIO collaborates with its clients on issues, including:

  • Planning the IT budget;
  • Adaptation of improved business processes;
  • Enabling technology changes; and
  • Formulating IT goals that are strategic

A virtual chief information officer is not a super help desk person; he or she is a business consultant who has very strong IT skills and knowledge who sees past day-to-day IT issues to give your company a competitive edge through a comprehensive IT plan that aligns IT goals with your business goals.


How a vCIO Saves a Company Money

Following are five ways a vCIO helps you save money:

  1. Provides for flexible IT solutions – While you most likely could keep a full-time in-house CIO busy all the time, some of the projects are likely to be busy work. Companies that run lean prefer the flexibility of a virtual CIO. With a vCIO, you only use as much or as little of the vCIO as you need. In addition, a vCIO sees your IT infrastructure and systems with objectivity without indulging in corporate politics. You get the information you need when you need it when making IT decisions.
  2. Have all the benefits of in-house IT at a lower cost – A vCIO has the wherewithal to solve IT problems when they occur; if the company providing virtual IT services cannot solve your problem, they will refer you to someone who can.
  3. Keeps IT costs down – You have money invested in hardware and software, and a vCIO works to optimize your business processes. Businesses run smoothly, and members of business unit teams have the tools they need from IT to get their jobs done.
  4. Allows the business to focus on core competencies – Dealing with technology using a vCIO allows the management team to concentrate on their core competencies without worrying about IT for their business units and the business overall.
  5. Manage IT risk – As risks associated with IT expands, managing it is harder. Companies need to manage risk and be proactive in reducing and managing IT; using a vCIO helps your company reduce downtime and avoid issues such as ransomware.

If your company IT department is floundering in these areas while struggling to maintain daily IT operations, it is time for you to explore the use of a vCIO.

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Published on 2nd August 2016 by Jeanne DeWitt.

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