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Purchasing and implementing an ERP software suite is a monumental decision for any company, so it’s crucial to know exactly what you’re getting from your potential options. On-premise solutions are still popular for many large organizations and cloud-based alternatives are making waves in the B2B sphere, but many business leaders are discovering that choosing a hosted ERP solution may provide the ideal blend of attributes from both of the other choices.

You retain ownership of the software

Cloud-based ERP solutions, usually in the form of SaaS (software-as-a-service) companies, have grown by leaps and bounds in recent years thanks to the many appealing benefits they offer. However, one of the many drawbacks of choosing a cloud-based ERP product is that the SaaS company itself owns the software, and you are simply paying a subscription fee to use it.

Obviously, this is a deal breaker for many companies, which is why hosted ERP solutions may provide the answer. With hosted ERP you have ownership of the software as if it was housed in an on-premise server, and your partner company allows you to use their infrastructure for housing the data. In some ways, it’s like having the best of both worlds.

Many hosting sites offer state-of-the-art security protocols

Hosted ERP companies understand that their clients must prioritize data security above all else, and this is especially true as instances of high-profile hacks become more commonplace. That’s why many of the reputable vendors take great care to provide their customers with the most advanced security measures that are available. When you choose a reliable hosted ERP solution partner, you can be confident that a team of skilled experts are in charge of your data security.

And these security measures aren’t just there to deter nefarious actors; hosted ERP companies also create redundancies to protect against the possibilities of natural disasters or other unforeseen circumstances. Emergencies are times when you and your customers may desperately need access to your ERP data, and many hosting companies offer assurances of uninterrupted access even in uncertain times.

You still get many of the same convenience benefits provided by the cloud

One of the main selling points of cloud-based ERP solutions is the ease-of-use factor that many providers have built their companies on. All any user needs to access a full suite of data entry and management capabilities is a device with an internet connection, the ERP mobile app, and login credentials.

Business executives treasure these kinds of innovation because it allows them to provide a seamless experience for their employees no matter where they are working, and the employees can, in turn, serve the customers with greater accuracy and efficiency. With hosted ERP solutions your software is always accessible via the internet, so it’s just as simple and convenient for your employees to access as with a cloud-based provider.

Enhanced flexibility for the future

You’re implementing an ERP solution now that you expect will adapt with your company into the future. However, as you start to experience growth and change, it’s difficult to plan for every contingency. Hosted ERP solutions offer you remarkable flexibility and can be configured to suit your needs even if they evolve.

If you need additional server space to accommodate more data, most host companies will have the infrastructure available fulfill your requests. If in the future, it becomes more cost effective to house your ERP solution on-premise, you can experience a seamless transition because you still own the software. You don’t have to settle for a stopgap system; hosted ERP solutions can be the answer to your needs now, and in the future.

Published on 3rd June 2017 by Jeanne DeWitt.

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