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Workers today are incredibly mobile, making it ever more challenging for business leaders as they attempt to provide workers with the resources that they need to get their job done regardless of their physical location. Many companies are moving to cloud-based services in an attempt to keep up with the speed of change, and while this is a viable option, cloud services can be more confusing and time-consuming to execute unless you are well-versed in this way of doing business.

Not Just Software

Software isn’t the only technology product that is moving to the cloud; server virtualization is also a huge movement within the business community for reasons similar to the shift for software. If you’re not comfortable with a fully cloud-based implementation, you can also consider a hybrid approach that allows CPU, Inc to manage some or all of your hardware including servers, laptops and desktops while using cloud-based data centers as well.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

When the unthinkable happens, you need to know that your technology team will jump into action and get your business back online–fast. CPU, Inc cloud services team is well-versed in data recovery and backup services, as well as the security protocols that will ensure things do not get to that level. The high uptime levels for critical applications and server access will help eliminate the burden for your IT team of the daily backup/restore needs, so you can focus on moving your business forward. Getting your business back to normal is our highest priority when an outage occurs, and we are available 24/7 to ensure that you’re receiving the best service possible. Our remote monitoring works together with the cloud-based offerings to ensure that you are experiencing excellent standards in uptime.

Hosted Services

Part of the beauty of hosted cloud services, such as VOIP, servers, and email, is that your system is suddenly future-proof. You will have the latest and greatest technology available without the massive upgrade cost and often without the internal learning curve for support. Deployment is greatly simplified, as CPU, Inc does the heavy lifting of learning the service and best practices for your team. You’re also able to add services incrementally as your business grows, negating the need for expensive add-ons that may or may not meet your business goals. There are also some pretty extensive cost savings available when you are able to have instant communication available at the fingertips of your business service team, as well as the improved customer service experience for your customers.

Some of the additional hosting services offered include Microsoft Dynamics products, as well as Acumatica; ERP programs that will keep your business moving forward.

Private Cloud and DaaS

Some of the relatively newer cloud-based services are virtual private clouds, DaaS (Data as a Service) and DBaaS (Database as a Service) offerings. Implementing a virtual private cloud allows your business the full flexibility of a pool of shared computing resources that is relatively isolated–and by extension, more secure. DaaS and DBaaS offer secure cloud-based approaches to data management and database management, and CPU, Inc is a key provider of both services. A hosted instance of MS SharePoint is yet another data storage option that allows you to have the peace of mind of a well-known solution and the security that hosting in the cloud can provide.

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