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MicrosoftDynamics_May04_ACustomers have high expectations and they’re getting higher all the time. They expect quick responses and accurate answers. Whether chatting online, sending an email, or calling you on your phone, customers don’t expect to wait, or to get passed on to someone else. It’s not easy to meet those expectations if your employees have to go to more than one place to find the information or documents they need to answer queries.

Connect Departmental Silos
If your organization has silos of sales, service, operations and accounting data, it’s time to connect those systems. A fully integrated system with shared data will:

  • Allow salespeople to see where orders are in the fulfillment process
  • Let customer service reps know where the item is in the supply chain
  • Help accounting bill service tickets more quickly
  • Provide access to actual in-stock inventory and price information

Sales and Service Teams Can Add Value
In addition to added customer service, your sales and service teams can build sales with connected systems. With instant access to information across the organization, they can cross sell and upsell to build order value:

  • “Model 365 is in stock and priced at $45. However, Model 367 with the automatic turn-off is only $50. That’s quite a deal.”
  • “We just received a shipment of gilded cases for that violin. That makes a beautiful set.”
  • “The technician is on his way out to fix the printer.  We are having a sale on cartridges, would you like him to bring you out your usual order?”

With connected information, customer satisfaction and the opportunity to enhance order value go hand in hand. Is it time to break down the silos of information in your organization? Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions are built to work together for unified business management. Let’s talk.

Published on 5th May 2012 by Jeanne DeWitt.

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