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Cyber-criminals become more cunning every day. While you may think that having a small- to medium-sized business means that you’re exempt from this type of malicious attack, nothing could be further from the truth. Criminals are very good at following the revenue path back to smaller suppliers who may be able to impact the organizations they want to attack in a roundabout way. Think about it. Simply the fact that you are a smaller enterprise could mean that there’s a bullseye painted right on your technology systems.

Hackers Paradise

According to Symantec, cyberattacks on small businesses continue to rise; largely attracted by the perceived weakness of their network security. More businesses are using cloud services, which means there is likely to be sensitive data stored in an off-site and potentially less secure location. The larger your customers are, the more enticing your business is as a prospective target.

Enter CPU, Inc Managed Security

Security is a 24/7 business, and if your team doesn’t have the tools or time to handle assuring that all critical patches and safeguards are in place, then you’re taking the chance that you’re introducing vulnerabilities into your business systems. CPU, Inc offers a suite of security products and services that will keep your business safe, both in physical locations and in the cloud:

  • Managed anti-virus
  • Email security
  • SPAM filtering
  • Email encryption
  • PCI Compliance; including completion of PCI DSS self-assessment questionnaires
  • Network security scans by approved vendors
  • Penetration testing

When you have a well-planned security architecture, you get the peace of mind knowing that CPU, Inc has the best interest of your business at heart and will be available to leap into action to secure important information and patch security vulnerabilities anytime that you need them. Our safety solutions provide protection from online predators, hackers, business database security and offer your technology and business teams the stress-free maintenance that comes with knowing that your systems are locked up as tightly as possible and are truly safe from threats–both external and internal.

With our comprehensive and advanced security solutions, you can assure your customers that their sensitive business and personal data is always secure.

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