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gg-apps-C“The Cloud”—a very common term in business these days, and almost every major player in technology is producing something to do with the cloud. There is a rising trend of increasing interest among small businesses in the cloud and how it can help increase profits and productivity. Are you thinking of migrating?

Many business owners have been caught up in getting their businesses “on the cloud” and are using apps such as those offered by Google to do so. When done correctly, this can bring about substantive cost savings to a business’s bottom line. When done incorrectly, however, there can be many problems. Here are some tips to ensure your company’s smooth migration to Google Apps.

Estimate Users’ Appetite for Cloud
Take a poll of your company asking how many employees already use the consumer version of cloud services such as Gmail. This will help make migration easier, as employees will already be comfortable with the idea and using the apps. Also, it will allow you to identify which employees will need training on how to use the services.

Keep Tech Minimal
It’s best that when presenting the migration information to employees to cater to their level. If your employees are tech-adverse, keep information, presentations, and demos as simple as possible, leaving out jargon and clearly defining acronyms. Doing this will help employees be more comfortable with the technology, and more responsive to change.

Partner Up
Enlist the help of a technical advisory company that specializes in migration to Google Apps. The company will be able to help with issues not covered in the How-To material provided by Google.

Test First
Create an environment in which your IT department and IT-savvy employees can test the Google Apps. This gives you the chance to determine the right fit, and which features work and don’t work for your company. The average testing period is around three months.

Revise and Review
It’s important to revise any policies you may have regarding the use of technology. Employees will commonly want to access their accounts on their phones and other devices while away from the office, so be sure to have clear policies on the use of these devices. It is equally important to get feedback from your employees about what they think of the products, and ask whether they have any suggestions for improvement.

If you have any questions about migrating to Google Apps, please contact us.

Published on 9th March 2012 by Jeanne DeWitt.


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