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LOB-ApplicationsAs your company grows, so does your use of specialized business applications that serve your industry. Manufacturers and companies serving the medical, hospitality, or educational markets often depend on line-of-business (LOB) applications built to serve the unique needs of the industry or specialty. Connecting you to vendors and customers, LOB applications save time but also can separate the information that you depend on to make decisions.

Smart decisions require full information

Typically LOB applications provide excellent functionality, fulfilling the operational needs of a specific business requirement. LOB applications support everything from engineering drawings to patient management to student services, delivering functionality that is critical to the organization.

But there is a price for that tailored functionality. The data gathered and stored by the LOB application is not connected to your ERP system. Summary data often has to be reentered from one system to another, with accompanying loss of detail and productivity. Manual processes to import data from one system to another are error prone and not real time.

Integration is the answer

In today’s fast-paced economy in which customers’ needs change on a dime, your organization can’t afford to have limited information to drive decisions. Only real-time integration between your LOB applications and ERP system will give you the information you need — when you need it.

While most ERP systems can be programmed to automatically import information from other systems, few are easy and inexpensive. The ERP system that you choose should offer multiple options for integration of disparate systems to meet the varying requirements of LOB applications. You may require integrations from web-based applications as well as those housed on your own servers.

With full integration across all the applications in your organization, you can serve customers better and respond quickly to change. Let’s get started today, connecting your systems for better insight.

Published on 12th March 2012 by Jeanne DeWitt.


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