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GoogleApps_Sep04_CWith the adoption of the Internet into the majority of homes and businesses, our thirst for information has done nothing but increase. When we don’t know something we often turn to Google Search for answers. The problem with this is that traditional Internet search often returns results we don’t need or want. Google has been working hard to make Search a little smarter, and has recently introduced some new features that do just that.

Google’s goal with search is to make it intelligent, meaning that when you search for something, you will see the relevant information you not only want, but need. To get closer to this goal, Google has recently introduced three new features to Google Search:

  1. Knowledge Graph. Many Internet searches often throw up different ideas, and it can be hard to find the information you are really looking for. Knowledge Graph aims to provide you with the correct information. If you search for ‘Chiefs’, you’ll get the football or rugby team, depending on your location, with relevant info presented on the right side of the window. You’ll also notice similar terms and different results below the information. This aggregation and presentation of results means more efficient searching for you.
  2. Integration of other Google products into Search. Many of Google’s products were established as stand alone products. If you wanted to find some information located in an email, you had to log into Gmail and search for it there. Now, when you conduct a search using Google Search, results from your Gmail will also be shown. Planning a trip to Banff Alberta for some skiing with friends? Type in ‘Banff’ and any related emails will also be shown. Another cool feature is My Flights. Type these words in Google, and a list of your flights will show up.
  3. A more natural search. Before the Internet, if we had a question, we’d often use our voice to ask someone. Now, using your Android phone and an app for iPad and iPhone, you can still use your voice to search. Press the microphone button and ask away. Google will return the result and if it’s a direct answer, your result will be read aloud.

These are some of the first steps Google is taking to reach a goal of a truly intelligent search, and they are steps in the right direction. Over time, you should see Search improving even more and easier to use as a result. If you have questions about Google’s products and your organization, please contact us.

Published on 4th September 2012 by Jeanne DeWitt.


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