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Rapid deployment. Flexible scaling. Remote access.

These are not necessarily concepts that you would hear bandied about when technology professionals are discussing an on-premise ERP solution–but they are part of the discussion with cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics solutions. Running up against server slowdowns and users waiting for new account activations while a license is acquired will be a thing of the past when you deploy a flexible and agile solution set such as the Microsoft Dynamics suite.

Cloud-based Convenience

Enterprise business software can be notoriously tricky to handle–with servers that like to malfunction at the most inopportune times for your business and user complaints about the inability to access data remotely. Cloud-based ERPs offer you the power to remotely add licenses with only a few clicks, and deployment can be just as quick and easy. Forget storing endless spreadsheets with license numbers; anytime you want to see how many licenses you’re using or perform maintenance you’ll have that information at your fingertips even if you’re on the road.

Superior SLA

CPU, Inc commits to a 99.9% uptime, with a Service Level Agreement that assures your CRM and other Dynamics products have a high availability. Keeping your customers and staff happy with convenient access to information that is guaranteed available is just another reason to go with the CPU, Inc team.

Quick Updates

Software is not a one-and-done solution–it requires continual updates to meet changing business requirements as well as security threats. Microsoft’s cloud-based software often receives updates several months sooner than on-premise solutions, giving you a valuable window into new features as well as closing up any security gaps more effectively. Plus, updates are not an additional charge as they’re considered part of your ongoing subscription charge.

Switching from On-Premise Dynamics

Since the cloud-based version of the Dynamics suite has the same database structure as the on-premise version, you’ll be able to quickly and easily make the switch. Even moving customizations is not a problem, and CPU’s friendly and knowledgeable engineers can answer any questions for you regarding this option.

Focus on Customers, Not Technology

Engineering the best customer experience possible for your users–both internal and external–can drive your business growth exponentially. When you have a flexible and scalable solution such as a cloud-based implementation of Microsoft Dynamics, you’re able to spend more time reviewing how customers interact with your business, and less time with busywork managing users and squashing bugs.

Learn how you can streamline your business operations and engage customers and employees with your sales, service and marketing with the Microsoft Dynamics suite of cloud-based applications. Our solutions engineers can help you determine which specific products are right for your business, so contact CPU today for a free initial consultation.


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