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Is your start-up business looking for a reliable server?

Maybe your company is growing, and you need a server solution that will scale with you. Whatever stage of development, CPU’s hosted servers are the answer. With CPU’s hosted servers you can harness the power of cloud storage while allowing you to keep full control over your data and your servers–and their security. Today’s businesses don’t have time to wait to buy more servers when they need to scale up. Waiting around or getting stuck with a high technology charge for upgrades of physical servers means that the competition may pass you by while you’re waiting for the upgrade to be fully installed.

Virtual Dedicated Servers

Fortunately, with hosted servers (also known as Virtual Dedicated Servers or VDS), you will not be stuck in the waiting game with your technology department ever again. Instead, you can quickly and easily scale with virtual machines that have virtually unlimited capacity for every type of business from small business to massive production servers, all with the trusted security your small business needs and deserves.

Cost Control

One of the key benefits of virtual hosted servers is that you will have a predictable ongoing fee that makes budgeting that much easier and also keeps your costs at an acceptable level. With traditional servers, you may experience downtime from physical server breakdowns or overload. Not so with hosted servers!

Easy Configuration

Our user-friendly tools allow you to quickly configure, add or remove users, and many other daily tasks. Utilize our best-in-class cloud infrastructure to quickly and effectively build and deploy desktop environments as well. Everything you need is handled right through a centralized management console.

Disaster Recovery Included

When you utilize a CPU hosted server solution, you’re also receiving a set of state-of-the-art disaster recovery tools as part of the package that are some of the most comprehensive ones available on the market today. With data image backups every thirty minutes and the option to replicate your data at a secondary location, you can rest assured that your business data is both secure and easily accessible no matter your physical location.

Data Security

We are strong advocates for data security, so all of our hosted servers include fully-configurable firewalls which protects desktops, servers and virtual machines. Our guarantee to you is that we offer the best security possible with SSAE 16 compliance to 256-bit AES encryption, all while storing your data on our expandable storage pools. What’s even more impressive is that your data is always stored within the United States–no offshore storage here!

If you’re ready to stop chasing the competition and enjoy a fully-scalable technology platform that will grow with your business without the standard growing pains, then contact CPU at (419) 872-9119 or email us at and find out more about our hosted server options and other cloud-based solutions for your business.


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