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Staying in touch with your customers is more important than ever.

Social media provides a painfully simple outlet for customers who are unhappy with your service, and the surest path to a poor online review is through less-than-stellar responsiveness or customer service. Small- to medium-sized businesses need every competitive advantage that they can command, and service can be a key differentiator that larger businesses may not be able to match. Outdated phone trees and systems that don’t follow your mobile workforce can leave a sour taste in the mouth of potential customers.

Stay Connected

You may think that enterprise-scale features are outside your price range, but with a hosted VoIP phone system from CPU, you’ll get the benefit of features that were previously only available at a much higher entry point. Keep your mobile workforce in constant contact with customers when you provide them with full-featured conferencing on the go and calling that follows them on the road.

Simplified Management

Keeping the various pieces of an on-premise phone solution in full working order can be a time-consuming task. Hosted VoIP solutions from CPU provide you with more time to focus on your business, while we handle the heavy lifting of hardware and maintenance. Management is further simplified because you’re getting all of your phone and infrastructure services from one provider — instead of being sent back and forth between service providers when you have a problem with your system. We offer live partner support and the highest levels of availability to keep your business up and running.

Ultimate Control

Keep your users under control with our intuitive web-based control panel. You can easily add, update and remove users with a few clicks and manage features as well. No more scrambling across multiple platforms and searching for manuals when you add someone to your team.

Affordable Excellence

Not only will your business have access to enterprise-level features, you’ll also be surprised at how affordable the systems are. Your system will be fully hosted and monitored at all times. When you consider total cost of ownership, you’ll find that our hosted VoIP phone systems are considerably more cost-effective than you might expect.

When you are ready to provide your business with the competitive advantage that superior communications can offer, contact CPU at (419) 872-9119 or email us at to schedule your free initial consultation. We can help you stay connected no matter your physical location, and your new hosted VoIP phone system can be set up to allow you to begin receiving calls in only a few minutes.


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