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And we’re the go-to cloud hosting specialists to help you realize them —many businesses trust us to oversee their hosted cloud benefits. One way business owners are realizing cloud computing efficiency is through Dynamics NAV, a flexible and agile cloud solution platform. The benefits of hosting Dynamics NAV on the cloud are many — and CPU is here to lay them all out for you and let you decide if waiting another day to capitalize on these cloud options is feasible.

Because of its significant benefits over the traditional on-premise option, the option of hosting Dynamics NAV on the cloud has become a very popular deployment option for many entities. It not only relieves your headache of installing and maintaining IT Infrastructure, but it also gives you the freedom to access your system from anywhere.

Moreover, with Microsoft Dynamics NAV hosted on a cloud ERP Partner such as CPU, you can ensure a high degree of productivity, mobility, and reliability to your users. At the same time, it comes to you with lower cost and at the same time is easier to manage.

Key Benefits of Hosting Dynamics NAV on the Cloud


In current scenarios, every organization wants to eliminate the cost incurred on over-sized on-premises datacenter infrastructure, licenses, and IT management. So, to overcome this, Hosting Dynamics NAV on a Partner Cloud relieves you from making unnecessary upfront investments in hardware and software, which could otherwise be directed towards some other more essential business operations.

Reliable and secure

CPU has industry leading up-time guarantees for infrastructure and applications. With regular backups and failover capacity to physically distributed data centers, the Dynamics cloud hosting option gives you disaster recovery capabilities far in excess of more in-house services.

Flexibility of users

Our cloud hosting service is perfect for growing businesses. Start with even a single user, and add or reduce capacity to suit your business and, in turn, save your precious money. The subscription fee is based on the total number of user licenses and is charged a monthly fee. Therefore, because of this feature, you can focus more on your usual line of work.

Facilitates mobility

You can securely access hosted Dynamics NAV in the cloud anytime, anywhere even on-the-go, through the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client on virtually any device.

Accelerated Deployment

Get your business on track faster. Hosted Dynamics NAV solutions generally offer faster deployment options than onsite on-premise solutions.

Easy customization

Each enterprise has its own kind of requirements and financial constraints. With virtually no restrictions on customizations, you can take advantage of CPU’s expertise to develop a highly customized solution that suits your exact needs.

24/7 Support

Our expert technical support staff is responsible for the monitoring and performance of your infrastructure and applications. Our customers can reach our support help desk via phone, email, and Skype.

Learn how you can streamline your business operations and engage customers and employees with your sales, service, and marketing with the 2018 Microsoft Dynamics suite of cloud-based applications. Our hosted solutions experts can help you determine which specific products are right for your business, so contact CPU today for a free initial consultation.

Why else should you be reaping the benefits of hosting Dynamics NAV on the Cloud?

Let’s see…there’s:

  • Rapid Deployment,
  • Flexible Scaling, and
  • Remote Access.

And, these are not necessarily concepts that you would hear bandied about when technology professionals are discussing an on-premise ERP solution–but they are part of the discussion with cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics solutions. Running up against server slowdowns and users waiting for new account activations while a license is acquired will be a thing of the past when you deploy a flexible and agile solution set such as the Microsoft Dynamics suite – with CPU as your cloud gurus.

And, there’s…


Enterprise business software can be notoriously tricky to handle, with servers that like to malfunction at the most inopportune times for your business and user complaints about the inability to access data remotely. Cloud-based ERPs like Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers you the power to remotely add licenses with only a few clicks, and deployment can be just as quick and easy. Forget storing endless spreadsheets with license numbers; anytime you want to see how many licenses you’re using or perform maintenance you’ll have that information at your fingertips even if you’re on the road.

Hosting Dynamics NAV on the cloud gives you a fully integrated ERP solution that bridges the gap between you and your collaborators.

You Get a Complete ERP solution.

When you choose to host Dynamics NAV on the cloud, you get a fully integrated ERP solution that bridges the gap between you and your business partners. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems streamline your business by automating and optimizing operational core functions.

Dynamics NAV (Navision) is the perfect ERP system for growing businesses.

The right ERP system connects your business processes and improves your company’s ability to co-operate and make faster decisions, thereby increasing the overall productivity of the company.

You can customize Dynamics NAV to fit your company, as the system is based on modules and you only need to acquire the parts of the system which is needed in your business.

And, with over one million registered users worldwide, this is one of the most widely used ERP applications. The solution is easy to customize, use and maintain and can optimize and increase the productivity without disrupting daily operations.

And, you can upgrade to the 2018 version of Dynamics NAV with CPU!

It grows and develops with you.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the ideal ERP system for growing businesses. But what is ERP and how can it benefit your business and company?

Many small and medium-sized enterprises reach a critical point where they need tools which support and further economic growth rather than be an obstacle to the company’s ability to act flexibly and insightful.

The Information Department in your company is improved with Dynamics NAV. The information’s indicated in the database is available to all employees. This improves the overview for your employees with anything from production from inventory management to sales and marketing.

Hosting Dynamics NAV on the cloud connects your employees, working routines and systems. Therefore, you can instead focus on the company’s operations and future development and growth in many ways, including:

Mobile ERP

Microsoft Dynamics NAV mobile app is the mobile version of the ERP system and available to all users of Dynamics NAV – and, it works across all platforms.

The application is fast to implement, easy to customize and especially user-friendly. It works on most platforms and devices which means that the app delivers reliable remote access to your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution.

Office 365 Integration

Hosting Dynamics NAV on the cloud also provides a direct integration to Office 365. This means that you can analyze and share data with your colleagues and thus improve collaboration across your company.

Using Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV offers everything you need from a modern ERP solution. The flexibility of the solution means that it can be adapted to match and comply with the unique requirements that exist in your company.

As a certified Dynamics NAV partner, we have extensive experience from working with organizations of all types and sizes.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV complies all the special requirements that exist in your industry. We have a thorough knowledge of some of the most well-known industries and the challenges that exist in your specific industry.

The story behind Navision

Dynamics NAV, or Navision, has a long history behind it. Since the beginning of 1984, when the solution was first developed in Denmark by PC & C Ltd. under the name PC Plus and up to 2002 when it was acquired by Microsoft, the ERP system had many different names.

What is the price of Dynamics NAV?

The price of Dynamics NAV is calculated based on your specific needs for the solution’s functionalities, the number and types of users who may access the system, your need for support at the implementation process and especially how you choose to install the solution.

So, Isn’t It Time to Switch to Or Upgrade Your Dynamics NAV Cloud Hosting?

Standardize your Dynamics NAV hosting with the latest 2018 version, and do it with confidence by calling CPU today at (419) 872-9119, or email us at to get started with all the benefits of hosting Dynamics NAV on the cloud with CPU guiding your success!

Published on 4th January 2018 by Jeanne DeWitt.

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