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ERP_Oct24_AProductivity is often confused with getting employees to work harder. The reality is that productivity gains should make work easier for your employees. Let them spend more time making good decisions instead of searching for answers.

Systems (or lack of) that make work harder
As your employees go through their day, do they have to check multiple systems to answer simple questions? Employees can’t do their best work if:

  • Inventory is tracked in a spreadsheet on someone’s hard drive. Can your sales people count on inventory actually being in stock when they promise it to a customer?
  • Paper invoices are crammed into bulging customer folders. When a customer calls to place an order, do employees have to go digging to find the last price charged?
  • Project documents are sent as email attachments. Do project team members know which project report is the most recent one?

Your employees are your best asset. If they have to spend time tracking down an answer every time they need to make a decision or a promise, it’s frustrating for them.

Work can be easier
The right mix of business processes and technology can simplify the work for your employees to make them more productive. An integrated ERP system will give your employees:

  • Centralized customer history to answer questions quickly.
  • Documents that are easy to find and share.
  • Trustworthy information that they can use to make promises without hesitation.

Your employees want to work better, not harder. Give them the tools to make their work efficient and fulfilling. Let’s talk about transforming the productivity of your team.

Published on 26th October 2012 by Jeanne DeWitt.


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