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Aging-ERPWhen is it time to replace your aging ERP system? According to a new Aberdeen Group Analyst Insight report, an older ERP system could be holding your organization back.

Use it or lose it
One of the biggest drawbacks of an aging ERP system, according to the report, is the declining use of modules over time. When business processes and requirements change and the ERP system doesn’t keep pace with the needs, employees find ways to get around the system. Spreadsheets start to replace centralized information which limits insight into information needed for effective decision making at the top.

Expensive support
Older ERP systems generally require more IT support, from a limited pool of talent. As technologies emerge, IT support people must keep up with the new and can’t focus on outdated systems. Outsourced support may be impossible to find, and dedicated internal resources are expensive.

New options for old systems
While you may have been plugging along with an outdated ERP system, there is no better time to start evaluating options. ERP cloud solutions can help you avoid capital costs while at the same time eliminate IT support costs you’ve been spending on your old system. Investing in business process realignment and training will deliver the highest ROI on your ERP investment, according to multiple Aberdeen Group reports.

Find out how you can move to the next level without breaking the bank.
the full Aberdeen Group report “Aging ERP: When Old ERP is Too Old” here with our compliments.

Published on 30th November 2011 by Jeanne DeWitt.

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