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Technology is increasingly complex, and staying on top of one topic is challenging–much less all of the varying systems needed to run a small- to medium-sized business. If you’re spending too much of your day focused on break-fixes instead of focusing on the future, then CPU, Inc can help you bring sanity back to your business.

Outsourcing for competency is a long-standing practice of businesses, especially businesses that are not large enough to need a massive IT staff. The benefits of having an external partner with your best interests at heart is that you are able to see a path through the wilderness that is technology–a way to provide the services that your business users need without the unnecessary overhead and expenses that your business cannot support.

Solution Vetting

There are many different things to keep in mind when you’re considering a new technology solution: will it work with your current infrastructure, will the cost structure be too onerous and will your users adopt the system with a minimum level of frustration? While knowing the answers to these questions before actual implementation would require a crystal ball, a non-interested third party can often help you vet potential solutions–offering a balanced opinion based on your current and future business realities.

Cloud-Based Services

While we mainly offer technology and consulting solutions in the Ohio and Michigan area, we pride ourselves on our ability to work with organizations throughout the U.S. to provide cloud-based solutions. Since virtualization has no true physical bounds, we are able to provide cloud offerings anywhere that Internet access is available.

Soup to Nuts Execution

We work with a broad range of service providers to ensure that your project is always receiving the consideration that it deserves, and that we’re truly fitting the solution to the project; not vice versa. We will work closely with your IT team to build a better, more secure, and more stable business technology solution that will support your organization in your current needs and into the future as well.

We are firm believers that technology should be a partnership–with the business defining the needs, and technology taking the time to gain a full understanding before leaping into execution. You can be assured that our professional project managers will take the time to understand your needs before suggesting potential solutions.

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