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GoogleApps_June06_COne Internet tool employees use on a regular basis is the search engine. Whole companies, like Google, have built a highly successful empire around the search engine. In the past few years Google has been striving to enhance their search engine, and give you the results you want. The other week they introduced a new enhanced search service, Knowledge Graph.

Knowledge Graph is Google’s attempt to make search results more relevant to the initial queries – what was entered in the search bar. If you type in an ambiguous term like “flames” which could mean fire, software or a sports team, Google will return results on all things related to flames, leaving you to wade through results to find what you need. With Knowledge Graph, Google will intuit what you mean and provide the relevant information.

For now, Knowledge Graph results will show up as a pane to the right of the search results field and will show up when things, people or places are searched for. According to Google this means, “landmarks, celebrities, cities, sports teams, buildings, geographical features, movies, celestial objects, works of art and more.” When you search for something in one of these categories, Knowledge Graph will try to figure out what you’re searching for, and provide related results and information.

This information comes from a number of sources including Wikipedia, CIA Factbook and freebase, and could change the way we view information. No more having to click on 4-5 different links to get the information we need, a summary of the search topic will be shown in the search results.

At this time Knowledge Graph will be available for American English users, and will be rolled out to all users over the coming months. If you’re interested in learning more about Google’s products and how to use them in your business, please contact us.

Published on 7th June 2012 by Jeanne DeWitt.


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