Microsoft Dynamics In The Cloud Takes Your Clients To A Whole New Level.


With CPU, Inc., Bringing Cloud ERP Solutions to Your Microsoft Dynamics Clients Has Never Been Easier.

You don’t need us – or anyone else for that matter – to tell you why Microsoft Dynamics is a great solution for the clients you work with each day. Of course, that also means you’re well aware of some of the challenges Microsoft Dynamics clients face. Challenges such as:

  • Managing/updating licenses
  • Scalability
  • Remote access
  • Timely deployment

Cloud-based ERPs are the most efficient and effective means of bringing solutions like Microsoft Dynamics to your client base – especially when you’re able to leave the heavy lifting and ongoing maintenance to a team of cloud technology professionals.

CPU, Inc. Has Been Working With Clients Like Yours For The Past 30 Years.

Our experience with cloud-based technology and hosted software solutions allows our team of professionals to provide industry-leading support to Microsoft Dynamics users.


Our cloud-based ERP services include:

  • New, easy-to-manage licenses
  • Subscription-based services
  • A Service Level Agreement with guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • Automatic updates at no additional cost
  • Complete migration from an existing on-premise ERP
  • Responsive and professional customer support – working either directly with your clients, or with your own support staff

Our proven and reliable support services and our status as a Microsoft ERP Cloud Computing Partner has made CPU, Inc. the cloud technology solutions provider of choice for countless businesses. We are committed to keeping your clients and their businesses compliant, secure, and responsive to the demands of their own clients.

Get in touch with CPU, Inc. today at or (419) 872-9119 to learn more about our Hosted Microsoft ERP solutions.

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