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The NFL Turns to the Cloud to Create Serious Value for Raving Fans Everywhere

The start of the NFL season is always exciting, but this year, the NFL is creating even more value for raving fans everywhere. How? They’ve turned to the cloud – powering not only everything on the sidebars, but virtually all other areas of the games too. Officials are now using Microsoft Surface Pro directly connected to the cloud for the purpose of collaborating with other officials in New York City.

What does this mean? All in all, it means a more honest game. Officials can watch instant replays, dispute calls made on the field, review touchdowns, question overturns – just about everything they need to do can be done within a few clicks. Incredible, isn’t it? Fans everywhere are raving about the changes because the cloud truly compliments the work officials do and verifies that their calls are correct.

Fans are able to access stats DURING games!

Previously, stats were only available during games to broadcasters and coaches. Fans were able to see them afterward on the NFL’s website, social media platforms, and other areas. But for the first time ever, this season is giving fans access to stats during live games. They can see real-time data via the tech-fueled state platform powered by data analytics and machine learning.

Fans have the incredible ability to see real-time stats while they’re watching the game, such as:

● A wide receiver’s average yards of separation

● A quarterback’s average time to throw

● A running back’s average yards after contact

They’re expected to roll out even MORE stats later in the season. This is great for football fans everywhere.

Fans are saving a TON of time with paperless tickets!

The NFL is officially done with paper tickets. Nowadays, they’re using paperless tickets powered by the cloud. Incredible, isn’t it? The cloud allows the NFL and their teams to cut down on unnecessary expenses – from counterfeiting to printing paper tickets and everything in between. Fans are able to save a TON of time while knowing they’re supporting an increased security measures that makes games safer and more fair for everyone.

If you’re worried about how all of this cloud technology impacts security, don’t fret. The cloud actually creates a higher level of security against threats. For instance, the changing barcode technologies with the move to paperless tickets create a much higher level of security. The workers scanning tickets at the gate can use multi-factor technologies to ensure each and every ticket is authentic.

Naturally, the investment into the cloud and security wasn’t inexpensive. But it’s a great move because fans everywhere are raving about the changes made this season. They’re bound to have huge cost-saving advantages for many years to come thanks to the higher level of security involved.

Does the Cloud Alter Customer Experiences for Other Businesses?

Absolutely. If you’re not talking to your clients about the cloud’s impact on customer experiences, it’s time to start. The cloud can completely alter the way your clients serve their customers in terms of:

Better accessibility as employees are able to deliver information and/or updates through various sources and customers can log in to self-service applications whenever it’s convenient.

More personalization in terms of reaching customers as data stored in the cloud can be analyzed and segmented based on behaviour – allowing you to market or reach out to each individual based on real-time interactions.

Quicker turnaround time as there’s no need for documents to be passed onto various people. Instead, employees can work on them simultaneously and complete the work needed at a much faster rate.

Questions about the NFL’s move to the cloud? Reach out to us and learn more. We’re happy to help you experience the power of cloud computing to create serious value for your customers too!

Published on 23rd January 2020 by Jeanne DeWitt.

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