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WindowsPhone_June28_COne of the most highly anticipated software releases of 2012 is Microsoft’s Windows 8. This OS will bring about many changes. To coincide with this release, Microsoft has recently announced a new update to its Windows Phone OS. Windows Phone 8 will launch with Windows 8, and brings with it updates that make it more competitive with other mobile platforms. There is one big downside to the OS though.

There are some great new features in the new OS that businesses will find useful. One being heavy integration with Windows 8. This means that program developers will be able to make a program for Windows 8 and easily convert it into a mobile app that can be accessed by users on Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft also noted that businesses will be able to better manage Windows Phone 8 devices. Basically, companies will get their own operating environment and will be able to control what apps and documents can be installed and accessed by users. This update should prove to be a viable and secure mobile OS.

It’s not all roses though, Microsoft also announced that users of Windows Phone 7 – anyone with a Windows Phone at this time – will not be able to upgrade with Windows Phone 8. In other words, the new OS is a completely separate environment from previous phones. If you want to upgrade to the new OS, you’ll have to buy new phones. For the near future, current users will be upgraded to version 7.8, which will have the same layout as the new version, but won’t be able to use Windows Phone 8 apps.

We strongly recommend that if you’re looking at buying a new Windows Phone, you hold off until the new OS is released. If you’d like to know more about Windows Phone 8, please contact us.

Published on 29th July 2012 by Jeanne DeWitt.


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