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Microsoft_Dynamics_General_March26_AAs the economy rebounds, it’s time to realign your view of cash flow. During the recession, maintaining enough cash to make payroll and keep the doors open was the primary focus for most organizations. Now that the future is looking brighter, are you ready to align your resources and costs to maximize cash flow and profits?

The next stage of growth
The accounting program and spreadsheets you used in the past to manage payable, receivables, inventory, and payroll can’t handle the larger task of optimization as your business grows. Balancing all of the variable resources in your business, and matching them to your forecasts goes beyond manual processes.

To grow your business effectively and remain competitive in today’s fast paced economy, you must have a clear view of:

  • the status of your resources, including inventory, employees and capital assets
  • operational efficiencies, including the costs to produce and deliver your products
  • cash flow through the business to support operations

Aging accounting systems and spreadsheets cobbled together can’t deliver a complete picture of the three fundamental building blocks of your organization. To support growth and take advantage of the growing economy, it’s time to look for an ERP system. Connected data and consolidated reporting will give you the ability to balance all the elements for success.

Usability for fast results
As you begin evaluation of ERP systems, keep in mind that usability is critical to fast results. The economy is rebounding now, and you need to implement an ERP system quickly. Choose an ERP solution that gives employees a familiar user interface, and is integrated with Microsoft Office. With both cloud and on-premises deployment options, Microsoft Dynamics ERP is an easy choice.

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Published on 26th March 2012 by Jeanne DeWitt.


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