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Every business has a sweet spot–a specific client that they really feel fits well with their offerings in such a way that it’s beneficial to both businesses. While we hold ourselves to the highest standards and can work effectively with any size organization, there are certain types of partners and businesses that justĀ fit–allowing us to be the most effective and efficient partners possible. What does this mythical perfect match look like? If your business has some of these characteristics, we feel like we can offer you the best value possible:

  • A burning desire to reduce redundancy, and enjoy clearer communication throughout your business
  • Willingness to settle for nothing less than exceptional reliability and security for your company’s technology backbone
  • A firm belief that technology is a differentiator: a way to set your business apart from the competition through increased service and more proactive customer service
  • Interest in finding a true partner (and not just a vendor); someone who can look deep into your business and find ways to become more profitable by leveraging technology
  • Understand that while managed services can be an overall cost savings, technology ultimately requires some level of investment in order to be successful
  • Have between 5-75 PCs/laptops for managed services, custom software, and ERP platforms
  • Are looking for an accountability partner; an organization that you can trust to propose the right solutions for your unique needs
  • Who believe that integrity and service are at the heart of any business partnership that is successful.

We also offer a host of services that do not include managed services, such as enterprise custom software, web design, and cloud-based hosting. While we prefer to keep our managed services contracts in the realm of smaller businesses, we have built the infrastructure and the platforms that allow us to add value to organizations of all sizes.

Ultimately, our people make the difference. Our technicians have years of experience working on problems just like yours, and our account management team are all proactive professionals whose core goal is to ensure that your business has the technology tools that you need to be successful.

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