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GoogleApps_Sep30_CCloud-based platforms like Google’s various apps are quickly becoming the must-have platforms for businesses. Take for example Google Drive which combines cloud storage and a productivity suite offering a comprehensive business solution. While there is little doubt as to the usefulness of Drive, some users often ask as to whether there is a limit to the size of files that can be stored and created.

With Google Drive, it’s important to firstly qualify that any limitations relate to individual files. Google actually allows users to have an unlimited amount of Google files (documents, spreadsheets, drawings and presentations), but limits the file size of each.

If you create a presentation using Google Slides, each file can be a maximum of 50MB. This equates to roughly 200 slides with an average amount of content. Uploaded files, like those created using PowerPoint, that have been converted to a Google Presentation, can also be a maximum of 50MB.

There is a file size limit but Google has noted that they have never seen a drawing actually reach it.

For documents created using Google Docs you have a limit of 1,024,000 characters, regardless of the number of pages or font size. If you import a document, say a Word document, and convert it to a Google Doc, you have a file size limit of 2MB.

Google Spreadsheets can have a maximum of 400,000 cells across the workbook and 256 columns per sheet. If you upload a spreadsheet created in programs like Excel and convert it to a Google Spreadsheet the file can be a maximum of 20MB, and under 400,000 cells and 256 columns per sheet.

Other files
If you upload files, but don’t convert them into a Google Doc, Spreadsheet, Presentation, etc. you have a limit of 10GB per file. The only downside with this, is that you may not be able to open or edit the files from Google Drive.

Google gives every individual user 15GB of storage space while Business Apps and Education accounts get 30GB. This limit is shared across your Google account and includes Gmail, Google+ photos and Drive files. If you require more storage space, you can purchase more by going to the storage settings of your account, or talking to your account administrator.

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Published on 1st October 2013 by Jeanne DeWitt.

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