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march_applemacos01CIf you use Mac OS X, you know that the operating system is packed with useful features. But have you ever checked out the Universal Access options? Believe it or not, these features, aimed at disabled users, actually are useful for all users. These tips show you some of the useful features.

Mac OS X is often praised for its useful features and easy-to-use interface. Many of these features have even been copied by other operating systems, yet many more features are hardly used—even by experts. One such feature is Universal Access, created to help improve handicapped users’ experience. However, these features are not just limited to the handicapped; they are useful for businesses as well.

Universal Access is located in System Preferences, under the System tab.  Here are some tips on using Universal Access to your advantage.

Zoom Zoom
If you click on the Seeing tab, you’ll find a number of options. Under the heading Zoom, click ON. Now press: “Command” + “Option” + “+/-” to zoom your screen in or out. This is an easy way to enlarge websites or pages with small text.

Flash for error
If you work in a noisy environment, or have the sound muted, it could be tough to tell when an error has happened. Universal Access has a tool to help. Click on Hearing and select Flash the screen when an alert sound occurs. Your screen will flash briefly, alerting you to errors.

Increase Cursor Size
If you are giving a presentation or demo using OS X, it can sometimes be hard for your audience to see exactly where the cursor is. To make the cursor bigger, click Mouse to access the slider under For difficulties seeing the cursor. As you slide the slider, you will notice the mouse pointer growing or shrinking. This is good for ensuring people can see where the mouse is going and what files you are selecting.

For more tips on Mac OS X and other Mac info, please contact us.

Published on 12th March 2012 by Jeanne DeWitt.


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