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From our start in 1986 as a software development company, to our position today as a leader in the cloud services space, CPU, Inc has been blazing trails throughout the technology landscape in Ohio and Michigan for thirty years.

Cloud services are the future of technology, and we have the best and brightest technologists working to ensure that your business is not only future-proof, but also that you’re utilizing only the services that you need in order to succeed.

A Managed Cloud

Software continues to be a key differentiator in business, with customers expecting you to understand their needs almost before they know what they are. Predictive analytics and customer relationship management are the key factors that businesses can leverage to move ahead of the competition, and using managed cloud services allows you to have the infrastructure and flexibility to deliver in a way that you wouldn’t have dreamed possible only ten years ago.

From our humble beginnings in the world of software development, we have expanded both deep and wide into the technology that is needed to run today’s complex businesses.

Years ago, we realized that the problem with many businesses was not that their software was lacking, but that they did not have the hardware and infrastructure necessary to run the software. This was a revelation for our leadership team, and led our business in a very different direction than we originally imagined.

Today, we excel as one of the premier cloud-based infrastructure solutions in the Ohio and Michigan area, not only providing SaaS to businesses directly but also through a network of trusted resellers.

The Personal Side of Technology

While many businesses focus on how they can get your managed services contracts on board and running without any human intervention, CPU, Inc is different. While we want your business systems to hum along without needing constant supervision, we also understand that businesses want to meet with and speak with a human, and that meaningful interaction occurs when you’re able to sit down together and solve problems in a creative and interactive fashion.

We want to provide businesses with enterprise-level solutions that will not bankrupt the business by working together collaboratively to define the business needs and then fulfill them together.

Business, Accelerated

With the focus on cloud services, we are not forgetting our roots. Our business automation solutions are second to none, and give you the opportunity to create a safe, secure and personalized solution to your business needs.

When you see the way our recommendations are making a change in your business, we want to be there to support you as you expand your offerings and functionality. When your employees are productive and empowered, then your organization is one step closer to the success that you deserve.

Our Strategic Partnerships

We offer our cloud-based services through a strong network of business partners, who have been vetted and that we trust to make solid technology recommendations to their clients. We have so much confidence in our services, that we’ve recruited others to help spread the word throughout the country, and we appreciate the opportunity to reach out to businesses outside our geographic vicinity in this way.

Always Flexible

One of our key business tenets is that we provide value to organizations in a secure, flexible and scalable way that allows them to keep up with customer feedback and changes in the industry. We want our customers to grow and become more prosperous, and we provide the agile and trusted support that businesses demand.

We look towards the future with all of our offerings — seeing not just what we can offer for this moment, but also what will keep our services competitive as new technology unfolds.

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