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Whether or not your business has branch offices, you can find value in consolidating your IT efforts into a centralized cloud-based platform.

Instead of spending valuable time for your technology teams to manage daily tasks through multiple vendors, our unified virtual private cloud platform provides one-click deployment of common office tasks and functions for a fixed, affordable monthly fee.

Branch Offices 

Organizations with a main office and several branches without on-location technology support can be a headache for everyone involved. Remote employees may feel abandoned and not get the level of service that they need to be efficient and effective, while main office IT staff feels as if remote staffers are “going rogue” if they attempt to work around technology challenges in their own way. While neither perspective is invalid, these problems can be circumvented by a hassle-free Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) solution. Keep the distractions and virtual clutter to a minimum when you consolidate into a flexible, convenient and cost-effective office in the cloud.

Small to Medium Businesses

Centrally managed IT can be a challenge for even the largest businesses, but when you outsource this expertise, you are able to focus more effectively on running your business. CPU provides you with a complete soup-to-nuts execution for your virtual private cloud, including:

  • Virtual desktops
  • HTML5 Gateways
  • Hosted Servers
  • Firewalls
  • Disaster Recovery Plans

With everything preconfigured and deployed with only a few clicks, your technology team can get back to the hard work of moving your business forward instead of day-to-day task management. With a centrally managed, always-on and always-available solution, your business immediately gains efficiencies.

Future Proof

Even when your business experiences rapid growth, you won’t find yourself scrambling to deploy additional desktops or configure new users. Instead, you’ll be able to quickly and easily deploy virtual desktops to serve new employees and expand your server power and storage as needed. Data imaging every 30 minutes and backups plus disaster recovery are included with our managed services.

Security First

Security is a huge concern for businesses today, and CPU not only understands the need for added security, we’re actively planning ahead to prevent future threats. Your Virtual Private Cloud services all run behind a fully configurable firewall, and they are protected by SSAE16 compliance and 256-bit AES encryption. Data storage is all domestic on our expandable storage pools to ensure that your information stays stable and sheltered.

Keeping your business data secure and your infrastructure humming along effectively are challenges that businesses of all sizes face every day. If you are ready to stop spending time on maintenance tasks and ready to start moving your business into the future.

Contact CPU today at (419) 872-9119 or email us at to learn more about our high availability, Enterprise-grade environments for your virtual private cloud. Our free initial consultation allows us to listen and understand the unique needs of your business in order to offer the best solutions possible. 


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