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Are you still running Microsoft Server2003? If so, you need to know that Microsoft has announced that as of July 14, 2015 it will discontinue support for its server operating system, Server 2003. This follows in the wake of its recent discontinuation of support for Windows XP back in the spring of 2014. Failure to upgrade your server off of this operating system dramatically increases any company’s cyber-security risks.

With Server migrations taking on average 200 days from planning to completion if you still have a server running this software active on your network, time is running out.

So what does end of support for Windows Server 2003 mean?

  1. No further updates or security patches will be released. 37 critical updates were released for Server 2003 last year alone.  No updates will be released after July 14th
  2. Loss of compliance. Various industry regulations and industry standards will no longer be able to be achieved if you are using server 2003 actively on your network.
  3. Increased security risks. Any server running this operating system will be completely exposed to serious hacker attacks aimed at taking control of your network, stealing your data or crashing your system.

So what do you need to do?  If you are still running Microsoft Server 2003 software actively on your network now is the time to take action.  Contact us to find out how your company will be impacted before it’s too late!

Published on 19th May 2015 by Jeanne DeWitt.

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