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When it comes to mobile operating systems, the major manufacturers – Apple, Google – have been releasing new versions of the software on a near yearly basis. This has led to many to expect updates in a timely manner. When Microsoft announced that Windows Phone 7.5 users would have to purchase a new phone to get Windows 8, people were understandably upset. Now that the number of phones using Windows Phone 8 is increasing, the question being asked is if these too will be left out of the update cycle?

While Windows Phone 8 is hardly more than six months old, the next version of the OS is rumored to be in production behind closed doors. Microsoft hasn’t made any public announcements, or shown off any updates so far. However, from leaks and news channels we know that the new update is code named Windows Phone Blue.

This is inline with Microsoft’s rumored update scheme for Windows 8 – also codenamed ‘blue’ – which has proposed yearly updates. Chances are that future updates to mobiles will follow this as well. This speculation about future updates has some Windows Phone users a bit worried. Understandably so, you wouldn’t want to purchase a new phone just to have to buy another a year later if you want an upgrade.

Speaking at a recent conference Microsoft’s Senior Marketing Manager put users’ minds at ease by saying, “we’re going to have an upgrade path going forward.” He also noted that the hardware and OS capabilities allow for upgrades.

What does this mean for my company?
If you use an older version of any Windows Phone and are looking to upgrade, but have been hesitant to look at a newer version because of the lack of updates, this news is somewhat reassuring. We would recommend waiting until Microsoft officially announces this is in fact the case before you do upgrade. However. Any confirmations will likely be in the late spring, with an update appearing sometime after, or at the same time as the PC update.

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Published on 20th March 2013 by Jeanne DeWitt.


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