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Winphone_Apr09_CThere has been a growing trend of smartphone makers introducing phones that use the Windows Phone OS. While the system’s not the most dominant, there’s potential for growth. There’s also a growing demand for business apps for the Windows Phone, but it can be tough to decide which ones are the best. Don’t worry, we are here to help you.

Business apps come in many different forms, some make it easier to communicate, while others help keep track of your calendar. Here are six business apps that are available now for your Windows Phone.

CamCard records business cards and creates a virtual Rolodex on your phone. Take a picture of a card, and the information will be put into your address book or stored in the app along with a picture of the card. You can also share contact information and introduce people via their cards. In addition, you can select a card and call or email that person, and look up their business’s location on your device’s map.

Live Calendar
Live Calendar is a calendar app that allows you to put a tile on your home screen that syncs with your calendar. If you have appointments saved in your agenda, the app will also show what items you have scheduled.

Lync 2010
For users of Microsoft Office 365, you can now download the Lync app and access Lync from your phone. Almost all of the features of Lync on the computer are available in the mobile app, including Group Chat and Video Messaging.

Adobe Reader
You can now read PDFs on your Windows Phone with the official app released by Adobe. Useful if you have lots of PDFs and want to use the program originally meant to reading and developing them.

Microsoft SkyDrive
SkyDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage service. With the mobile app you can view and manage your stored files, or upload documents and pictures from your phone. If you have work documents stored on SkyDrive, you’ll be able to access them on the go, from your Windows Phone.

The popular note app that goes beyond notes and lets you record conversations, add pictures, and sync with the cloud to have your notes accessible from anywhere, on most devices including your computer. If you’re a user who likes to take notes, or always comes up with great ideas while away from the computer, this is a great app to keep track of your thoughts.

There are many other useful apps on the Windows Phone marketplace, and as more users adopt Windows Phones the marketplace will grow to offer even more apps. If you would like to learn more about the various Windows Phone apps or other Microsoft products please contact us.

Published on 9th April 2012 by Jeanne DeWitt.


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