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Disaster strikes. What happens in the next few days is critical to the ability of your business to bounce back; servicing customers and keeping mission-critical functions moving forward. When this happens, you need to know that you’re protected from whatever life throws in the way. CPU Inc’s backup, security, disaster recovery and business continuity services were created for just this eventuality–for those times that you hope will never happen, but that you plan ahead for anyway.

Local and Cloud Backups That Work

There are plenty of day-to-day frustrations in the business world–from files and folders that are “accidentally” deleted by users and need to be restored quickly and easily, to security changes due to employee additions or removals. These are the types of things that are quick on a one-off basis, but that can take up significant chunks of time when aggregated, especially if you have challenges with your system. CPU Inc’s software data centers contain our industry-leading backup software to locally store data, with centrally managed backup of your users’ information and systems for fast daily restore.

Features You Can Trust

With useful features, such as automatic scheduled backups, unlimited versioning, 256-bit encryption, concurrent backups and off-site replication, our backup software is best-of-breed in terms of security, flexibility and ease of use. In the event of a catastrophic loss, you can minimize recovery time by running recovery and migrating VMWare/Hyper-V simultaneously. When every minute counts, having a system that can bring you back online in minutes instead of in days can make a huge difference to your employees and to your customers. CPU, Inc offers several different levels of support, so you can customize based on your particular business needs.

  • Level I Cloud Backup: Cloud-based backup of critical folders and files, allowing for quick and cost-effective retrieval from accidental deletion or moves.
  • Level II Cloud Backup: Comprehensive server-side backup of critical Exchange server and SQL data. Our team takes special measures to ensure that data is secured and accessible at all times.
  • Disaster Recovery: We work with your team to create a comprehensive failover strategy; a way to bring your full business operations back online quickly and cost effectively in the form of local backups and even cloud-based recovery (if requested).
  • Business Continuity: When minutes matter, our business continuity services do just that–ensure that your business can continue operations even in the event of a catastrophic loss. In as few as 15 minutes, your business can be back up and running.
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