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If Disaster Were To Strike Your Business Today, Would You Be Able To Survive It?

Disaster recovery is not just for businesses who have been through catastrophic floods and fires–in fact, today’s businesses are much more likely to be damaged by hackers or malware than by physical disasters.
The truth is, the most prevalent cause for unexpected downtime in any company is human error. Employee mistakes can bring your whole operation to a standstill. How can you keep your business safe from all types of incidents by maintaining daily security while not unnecessarily restricting access for your users? CPU offers intelligent options for cloud backup and disaster recovery that will put your mind at ease while managing ongoing costs.

Importance of Technology

Your technology team is likely one of the most important assets that your business owns, and the ability to have easy access to the individuals who can help your business move to the next level is not a benefit to be trivialized. When your IT team is so busy managing ongoing and daily tasks or handling one-off recovery requests, they will find little time for innovation and creativity in the way they manage your digital and customer assets. Customer experience can distinguish your business, and determining how to accurately meet customers where they are requires agile and accessible data.

Cloud-Based Backups

Having a business continuity plan that accurately captures the needs of your business is a crucial part of disaster planning. How quickly do you need to be back up and running after an incident, or can your business not afford any downtime? If you’re in the financial or healthcare industries where customer information is your bread and butter, you may have much more stringent business continuity needs than other businesses. Reduce overall anxiety in your leadership and technology teams by planning ahead for any eventuality.

Disaster Recovery

Our data backup solutions can be tailored to the specific needs of your business, to ensure that you have the data that you need to keep your business running–and that you can access it quickly from either your primary location or a secondary locale. Error-prone backups are a thing of the past, as we validate and then automate solutions to provide the most accurate data no matter your physical location.

Learn more about how you can decrease downtime should the unthinkable occur–so you can get back to business as usual as quickly as possible. Our free initial consultation provides you with valuable information that you need to keep your data secure and your productivity high. 

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